Kirsten Dunst - yet another party girl who is absolutely prime wank material

June 20th, 2008

You might have seen her as the child star in the movie “Interview with the Vampire”. But her claim to fame is easily playing Mary Jane Watson in the superhero trilogy “Spiderman”. She’s cemented her status as one of Hollywood’s sexiest celebs with her creamy skin and voluptuous breasts. But then again, we find another young actress plagued with substance abuse in her case. After a tragic breakup with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, Kirsten was reported to be partying nonstop for almost a week before succumbing to the abuse her body has taken. She’s been known to party a lot and that was the source of the couple’s breakup. Nonetheless, Kirsten remains one of Hollywood’s top young actresses and with these movie scans available in this post, you can tell why she remains at the top. She’s just gorgeous and hordes of male fans will attest to that. Hopefully she cleans up her act before she follows in the footsteps of so many young celebrities unable to cope with their early success. Get a load more of naked images and movie scenes only at Nude Celebs!

The old school Tara Reid is definitely a hot commodity

June 20th, 2008

Before she became the party animal that she is now, Tara Reid used to sizzle in the movies she starred in. In the 1999 movie “Body Shots”, she did a nude scene with Jerry O’Connell. She blessed the movie’s audiences with a few seconds exposure of her nice, perky tits. Check out the clips below.

Since then, she’s established herself as one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars with her blonde good looks and acting talent in comedy and suspense-thrillers. But then her partying ways escalated, and controversy after controversy piled up on her. She had a very embarrassing moment at P.Diddy’s 35th birthday celebration when she stumbled drunkenly in the spotlight and inadvertently exposed her left breast, which by the way looked like it was run over by a lawn mower (images shown below).

She later admitted that she had her breasts enhanced and that some of the surgery “went wrong”. She also had her share of sex scandals when it was rumored that she had a sexual encounter with the late Heath Ledger in a bathroom stall at a night club she frequented. And her alcohol-guzzling ways continued, too. Rumors circulated that she has been hospitalized for alcohol abuse but she vehemently denied them. Anyway, this hot star of “American Pie” was really great-looking back then and had a ton of adoring male fans following her every step. So let’s just enjoy her as she was back then and watch the clips available in this post. If you want more of the same, check out Nude Celebs and get your daily dose of nude celebrity images and videos.

Jaime Pressly smoking hot nude pictures and movie stills

June 20th, 2008

She started out as a model and was successful enough that by the time she was fifteen, she was able to file for emancipation from parental control. Jaime Pressly is one chick who gets what she wants and along the way, manages to maintain her one-of-the-boys personality and sense of humor. She’s serious enough to know how to live life independently and practical enough to make use of her God-given beauty to further boost her career. She’s a classy girl who can transform into a skanky, trailer trash type of girl in an instant. That’s why she’s so popular when it comes to white trash comedy because she can portray the kind of character needed for those kinds of movies. Classy or skanky, we don’t care. What we care for is her beautiful face and sexy, toned body born from years of gymnastics and dance training. I bet she’s got a lot of pretty flexible moves in the bedroom. With that said take a break and just enjoy looking at her nude profile in the images I included here. Also check out the additional nude movie clip of this sultry actress. Jaime Pressly is a ceritified head turner wherever she makes her appearance. Get more images and video clips of some of the most famous celebrities around the world only at Nude Celebs now!

Hollywood’s hottest cougar Demi Moore still purring with delight

June 20th, 2008

Demi Moore has always been an actress who has no qualms about getting naked in movie scenes or magazine pictorials. This sultry 46-year-old Hollywood hottie proves that life truly starts at forty as she gets better and better with age like some rare and delicious wine. She even bagged her current hubby Ashton Kutcher when she was already past forty years old. This multi-millionaire actress was one of Hollywood’s first big time actresses that normally rake in 6 figures for every movie they make. I have included some famous movie scenes from Demi’s films in this post. Feel free to preview them below.

You can compare the development of her body in these scenes. The first clip was taken from the movie “About Last Night” shot in 1986 and the second clip is from the more famous movie “Striptease” shot ten years later. Notice how she filled up and got her body more fleshy and voluptuous. Either way, Demi Moore is still as hot as hell and will continue to remain as one of Hollywood’s sexiest and most beautiful celebrities. Check out the other nude movies and photos we have available over at Nude Celebs – where you can find your favorite celebrity undressed and exposed.

Salma Hayek is muy caliente in these sexy movie stills

June 20th, 2008

Gorgeous Latina actress Salma Hayek perhaps possesses the most awesome cleavage in all of Hollywood. Frequently dressed in revealing gowns at various awards nights and parties, this sultry Mexican bombshell is an absolute hot mama. She caught the attention of a horde of horny males when she first appeared as a vampire queen in Quentin Tarantino’s classic “From Dusk Till Dawn”. Since then, the Latina just got better and better, garnering awards along the way and establishing her image as one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. Naturally, with a celebrity as gorgeous as she is, offers for nude scenes in movies came pouring in. She did them all professionally, like the scenes included in this post. Check them out below and click the thumbs for the full video.

In these scenes, Salma Hayek displays her fantastic body in front of the camera but she still manages to make it not look sleazy. She exudes sex appeal and her breasts are truly amazing, but nobody can say that she’s just an actress that unclothes for lack of talent. She’s cemented herself as one of Hollywood’s most talented, as well as sexiest, actresses. To find more Nude Celebs, just click the link and look through the site’s great collection of movie stills, nude pics, and other stuff about your favorite Hollywood celebrities.